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Startup plan

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For early-stage startups looking to get started with take-home projects.
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120 assessments. Enough to hire 3-6 team members.

2 hosted projects. One for frontend and one for backend.

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Growth plan

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For startups looking to rapidly grow their headcount.
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480 assessments. For teams actively scaling up with 10+ hires.

6 hosted projects. Enough for 3-6 distinct roles.

Standard support

Fractional onboarding specialist


For organizations with growing complexity & customized needs.
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Scalable assessments. Customizable capacity for any size organization.

Unlimited hosted projects. Suitable for the entire technology department.

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We can build a custom technical assessment for any role.
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“TakeHomes collaborated with us to create a tailored assessment. As a result, we had more confidence in our recruiting process and hired an amazing engineer in half the time.”
Kaushik Iska
Frequently asked questions
If you have any other questions, talk to us!
What if I have my own take-home project?
No problem! We can easily import your current project from any major git provider.
What if I don't know how to create a take-home project?
We would love to collaborate with you and help you build a custom assessment. Our team specializes in frontend, backend, fullstack, SRE/devops, and support roles, but we can tailor our platform to any technical role!
Are there any user limits?
What is a hosted project?
When you import a project from git into our platform, we create a privately hosted project that you can use to send to candidates. This counts as a single hosted project. When you no longer use a project, you can archive it. We do not count archived projects towards your limit.
What type of environments do candidates have access to?
Candidates will have access to Visual Studio Code right in their browser.
Is there a free trial?
Yes, you can try everything TakeHomes has to offer for 30 days for free before you get charged.
Do you have a startup program?
If you are pre-revenue, let us know!
We're making take homes easy for everyone.
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