Performance investigation
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Performance investigation

Summary of the project

Hiring a Linux expert offers strategic advantages for roles where engineers are expected to work with infrastructure. Someone skilled with Linux systems can smother production fires quickly, give users the best experience with your product, and reduce unnecessary spend.

This debugging assessment gives candidates a terminal on a mis-behaving Linux server, and asks them to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue.

Once completed, candidates will provide a small write-up of the incident so your team gains insight into their creative problem-solving skills with the command line.

Skills assessed

  • Working knowledge of command line tools
  • Written communication
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What you'll be working with

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Performance investigation

A true head scratcher

Based on a real-world performance issue with our application, we've set up a challenging project that would pose a fun challenge to many Linux experts. We've uploaded both the current and prior releases of the application onto a remote Linux server. Candidates will be provided access to this server via a browser-based terminal.

Both versions of the application are designed to perform the same function—generate a hundred thousand integers. Surprisingly, there is a stark discrepancy in their performance. The prior release consistently completes each run in under 0.5 seconds, while the current version takes several seconds, sometimes even several minutes, to finish a single run.

The goal for this project is to identify what has led to this significant and inconsistent slowdown in the newer version of the application. Could it be a performance regression issue that was overlooked? Or is it something about how this particular server was setup that is causing the problem? This is the mystery that your candidates are tasked to unravel.

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