Atomic multiplication
Atomic multiplication

Summary of the project

This coding project assesses a candidate's ability to grok a very large codebase (10k+ lines of code) in a short amount time. After getting up to speed, candidates are asked build a small backend database feature by the end.

Startups making their first backend engineer hire will find this assessment vital, but so will any company looking for hackers who can quickly build an MVP.

Skills assessed

  • Quickly getting up to speed on a new codebase
  • Understanding data-flow in a client/server program
  • Making engineering trade-offs under time constraint
  • Basic C data types and syntax
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What you'll be working with

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Atomic multiplication

This is a real-world project

For experienced software developers, the ability to get up to speed with a new codebase is essential for success. Candidates with experience working in large production codebases will be well-equipped to handle this real-world programming challenge.

This programming challenge assesses candidates' ability to deliver a brand new feature (atomic multiplication) in a popular open-sourced database. While it does require some basic knowledge of the C programming language, most experienced backend engineers will be able to apply some knowledge from other programming languages even if they don't know C. It is up to the employer to configure the time limit and whether ChatGPT will be available during the assessment.

Gain deeper insights

As an employer, you will get a glimpse of how quickly your new hire will go through onboarding, and start to deliver business value. As a candidate, you can get a taste of what it would be like to prototype a new feature with a real-world project.

This project gives candidates enough time to complete a simple coding task and test their solution. Companies will be provided with a grading rubric to determine if the solution is adequate.

This test is an excellent tool for screening candidates based on their foundational programming knowledge. It can be used to effectively evaluate a candidate's essential skills and determine their potential for further professional growth.

We recommend combining several types of coding projects to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate's abilities.

This test is made by a subject-matter expert
TakeHomes team

TakeHomes' team of software development experts has crafted this coding project. Like every project in our library, it undergoes continuous evaluation to ensure ongoing enhancements, following our standardized revision process.

Crafted with expert knowledge

Projects at TakeHomes are designed by subject matter experts. They assess potential subject-matter experts based on their knowledge, ability, and reputation. Before being published, each test undergoes peer review by another expert and is calibrated using feedback from hundreds of test takers with relevant subject experience. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms enable constant improvement for our subject-matter experts' tests.

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