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Summary of the project

This project showcases a candidate's ability to work with an existing, fullstack project. Candidates are asked to implement one of two complex features, one which is more UI focused and the other which is more algorithm focused. By allowing candidates to work on a feature that best shows their expertise, companies will get a better signal on the candidate's abilities.

Skills assessed

  • Refactoring existing codebase
  • Implementing a feature from requirements
  • Using recursion in a real-world task
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What you'll be working with

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This is a real-world project

Fullstack engineers are unique — they can be more frontend leaning or prefer to work on the backend of modern web applications. That's why this project is uniquely able to help companies determine which type of fullstack engineers are in the hiring pipeline. Candidates get to chooose-their-own-adventure by picking the more frontend focused task, or can show off their algorithms chops by taking an existing algorithm and modifying it to support a brand new use case.

Gain deeper insights

As an employer, you will get a read on a candidate as unique as they are. Unlike traditional algorithm interviews, with simple problem contraints, you will see the candidate work on a task similar to one they would be assigned on your team. As a candidate, you get to choose which of the two tasks show off your best skills. Or just pick the task that sounds more fun!

We recommend this project be done as a pair-programming exercise with an engineer from your team. The time limit gives candidates enough time to complete one of the two tasks. Companies will be provided with a grading rubric to determine if the solution is adequate.

This test is an excellent tool for determining where exactly a fullstack candidate falls on the frontend/backend line.

We recommend combining several types of coding projects to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate's abilities.

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