Database viewer app
Database viewer app

Summary of the project

Are you a founding engineer ready to tackle multiple roles? Dive into our real-world project featuring a full production tech stack. Learn to integrate a NextJS frontend with a gRPC-powered API and a Golang backend managing database queries. Get hands-on with our comprehensive project designed for versatile startup engineers.

Skills assessed

  • Multi-disciplinary fullstack coding
  • Protobuf code generation
  • Database schema analysis
  • Authentication best practices
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What you'll be working with

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Database viewer app

db viewer app screenshot

Finding the right founding engineer is critical

Startups cannot afford to make the wrong first hire. Not only does this burn capital, but more importantly, a wrong hire can cause a startup to fail at its most critical time at the beginning. That's why when hiring a founding engineer, it is important to assess their ability to work with ambigious requirements and a modern software stack with little to no onboarding required.

This project is a perfect example of the type of complex real-world assessments that are the bread and butter of TakeHomes. We build projects like this one for ourselves and our customers, and we new help companies make the right choice when hiring their first engineer.

Gain deeper insights

As an startup, you will get to see how a candidate works with a real production environment like yours. Whether they are comfortable rolling up their sleeves to get an MVP solution working, or whether they are more comfortable with a concrete task list. As a candidate, you can get a taste of what it would be like to work at a fast-paced startup needing you to flex your creative problem-solving skills.

This project gives candidates enough time to complete one or more realistic coding tasks that would mirror their day-to-day work. Companies will be provided with a grading rubric to determine if the solution is adequate.

This test is an excellent tool for deep-diving into a candidate's tenacity and ability to work with little guidance. It can be used to effectively evaluate a candidate's likelihood of success at being the first engineering hire.

We recommend combining several types of coding projects to gain a more comprehensive understanding of a candidate's abilities.

This test is made by a subject-matter expert
TakeHomes team

TakeHomes' team of software development experts has crafted this coding project. Like every project in our library, it undergoes continuous evaluation to ensure ongoing enhancements, following our standardized revision process.

Crafted with expert knowledge

Projects at TakeHomes are designed by subject matter experts. They assess potential subject-matter experts based on their knowledge, ability, and reputation. Before being published, each test undergoes peer review by another expert and is calibrated using feedback from hundreds of test takers with relevant subject experience. Our feedback mechanisms and unique algorithms enable constant improvement for our subject-matter experts' tests.

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