Import your own project
Import your own project

Adding a project is easy

If you already manually administer real-world projects in your technical recruiting process, importing them into our platform is fast and easy.

We support OAuth with all major git providers so you can get started immediately.

We also have broad support for common frameworks and are adding more every day. If you are using a framework we don't currently support, we'll be happy to add it for you for free!

Once onboarded, you can take advantage of all of the benefits of the TakeHomes platform, including our cloud developer workspace, time limits, submission reviews, optional AI chat, and so much more!

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How to import your project

Many customers who are interested in running take-home projects already administer them manually. This process often involves a lot of coordination between different parties, troubleshooting with the candidates when certain parts of the instructions don't work, and other pain points.

Luckily, the TakeHomes platform can easily import these existing projects in just a couple clicks of the mouse.

First, you just need to point our import tool to the repository of your existing project. This repo can be a public or private.

git import dialog

Next, configure the parameters of your project, including name, description, framework, instructions, time limit, and other optional parameters.

project configuration screen

Click the publish button and you're all set! You can immediately start sending this project to candidates.

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