Doug Doan

Doug Doan, CEO

Sam Mishra

Sam Mishra, CTO


At TakeHomes, we are passionate about challenging the norm and revolutionizing the way we gain insights into people. We achieve this by redefining the hiring process for engineers with a series of user-friendly, real-world technical projects. We provide you with industry-leading developer tools that set you apart as a premier employer. Join us as we break barriers and usher in the next wave of innovative hiring standards.

About us

TakeHomes is the ultimate assessment platform that delivers real-world engineering experiences to candidates and hiring teams alike. Our meticulously designed platform lets you mirror the challenges and tasks engineers face in their day-to-day roles, providing the most accurate signal of a candidate's ability. Say goodbye to outdated hiring methods and embrace a revolutionary approach that goes beyond resume reviews and whiteboard quizzes. We equip you with cutting-edge tools to identify, assess, and recruit top talent in a competitive market. Streamline your hiring process and find the perfect fit for your team every time.