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Async interviews boost your hiring game but are just too cumbersome to handle. Automate your take-home projects today and see instant results in your recruiting pipeline.
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Dollars saved$ 15,000
Hours saved150 hours

Create delightful interview experiences
AI Copilot
Give instant access to our AI chat bot. Candidates can ask questions or use it to generate boilerplate.
Git Import
Create a take-home project from any git repository. We import and manage your projects seamlessly.
Let candidates code in a real IDE right in their browser. They can install their favorite extensions too.
Ideas Marketplace
Browse the public projects for ideas and inspiration. Easily clone and modify them for your needs.

Send your take home with just a single click

Gone are the days of manually managing access to your private git repository. Let us automate your take home assignments with a number of useful parameters like time limit and max submissions.

Grade projects as easily as a code review

With our git-based workflow, developers already know how to interact with our platform. Evaluate candidate submissions and share notes with other interviewers.

screenshot of the submission review page

Write code in an AI assisted web IDE

Get an industry-standard IDE right in the browser. AI Copilot is available to answer questions or provide boilerplate so your candidates can focus on solving the most creative parts of your problem.

We're making take-homes easy for everyone.
Take control of your hiring like never before. Ditch the whiteboard interview!